Google Plus: Is It Worth Learning Yet Again Another Social Media Structure?

So when is the social media innovation ever going to end? Is Google Plus really worth learning about, is it a waste of time? Let’s take a look at what others are saying are the 5 reasons WHY you should create a Google Plus account, and why you should AVOID this new social media strategy.

Go For It

As another social media strategy, Google Plus has many users curious about the capabilities. So, why should you create a Google Plus account? Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It’s Google. If that isn’t enough said, think about it. When most people are searching for ANYTHING on the internet, they first turn to Google. If you are a prominent member and contributor to Google Plus, there is a good chance your search engine optimization will increase.

2. Relevant Content Segregation. Google Plus makes it easier to separate what you do and don’t want to see appear in your current news information. This way, your feed will be more beneficial, and you won’t be spending countless hours trying to find information that pertains to you.

3. Hangouts. What are hangouts? It’s an easy way to get a large group of people together on the Internet, similar to one-on-one Skype sessions, in order to communicate with employees in different locations, teach clients how to do something when you are not together in person, and for any general discussion.

4. Circles. Circles help a Google Plus user separate different groups of friends that you are connected with however you want-based on employees, customers, personal life…anything you choose. The best part? These circles are kept secret from those users, so nobody every needs to know.

5. Photo Gallery Implementation. What’s the point of the Internet without photos, right? The  sharing, editing, and uploading capabilities of the photo gallery on Google Plus are incredible…a definite “plus” for your company, right?

Stay Away!

With all those positives, why should you even consider avoiding Google Plus? Personally, I do not believe these reasons are strong enough to stay away, but lets look at the top 5 reasons why creating an account isn’t worth your time.

1. Your content might not be safe. Honestly, when is it ever truly safe?

2. There will always a new option. Why learn something that will grow old soon?

3. Dependability. You need more than this to market your business.

4. No effective archive.

5. Clunky Link Structure…nobody wants that!




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Hootsuite test in class! #6M105F13

Hootsuite test in class! #6M105F13

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Fin and Feather H2O Needs Twitter Activation

As mentioned in the previous post on Scattered Thoughts, my discovery with Fin and Feather H20 is a small representation in the world of Twitter. In today’s society, Twitter is an easy and great way to connect with people of all ages, but specifically for Fin and Feather’s target demographic of middle aged and active members of the community.

Important Twitter Accounts

Starting a new Twitter account may seem overwhelming, but it is easy to start up once you begin to follow the right people. I recommend that Fin and Feather H20 follow 3 different groups of Twitter accounts: The press, University, and local community. These 3 areas are important because the press has already written information about the park and opening of Fin and Feather H20, the University can be useful in targeting students and collaboration, and the local community is important to target to get customers that will not just be here for the 4 years that students generally attend college. From the press, important accounts to follow are @KCRG, @Presscitizen, and @TheDailyIowan. @uiowa is the major university account that should be followed, and @ICParksandRec, @CityofIowaCity, and @IowaCityIowa are all local Twitter accounts that can reach a mass group. 

Potential Twitter Handles for Fin and Feather H20

Although Fin and Feather H20 has established a Twitter handle, they are not using it as they should. The handle @FinH20, which has already been established, is a solid twitter handle-that is, if they decide to use it. Other potential options for handles could include @FandFH20, @FinFeatherH20, or @FinandFeatherH20. Although you want to keep the handle concise and understandable, the last option represents the company and is not too confusing or long to remember. Therefore, I personally like the final option of @FinandFeatherH20 the best.

Tweets and Direct Messaging

Tweets are a great way to show customer service and engage with numerous people in one specific instant. However, some tweets out there should not be visible to every account possible. Therefore, Direct Messaging (DM) was created. There are numerous instances when an account would like to DM other accounts, but specific to Fin and Feather H20, they would want to DM when it comes to asking the press for help or merging with the University. The first example of a DM to the press accounts could look like this, “We have new products and specials coming up for the new season. Didn’t know if you would be interested in doing a press piece on us again, but we would love it!” This way, the press accounts realize that their previous efforts did not go unnoticed, and that they appreciate any help they can get. An example of a DM to the University could look like this, “We know there are recreational weekend classes the University offers to its students. Would you be interested in partnering with us for one of those classes?” Again, it shows the Fin and Feather H20 is aware of University partnerships, and is opening up an avenue of communication between these Twitter accounts.

The Use of Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are increasingly important to any form of social media. They allow accounts to connect with others with the use of a simple phrase that could be “trending” online at any moment. It depends on what is trending, or you could make up your own hashtag for simple tweets. One tweet that could be used by Fin and Feather H20 could be, “Tired of your everyday work and school schedule? Relax at the park with our fun water activities before summer weather is over! #dayinthesun OR #daretoexplore.” Another tweet could be promoting family life, such as, “Too busy for family time lately? Enjoy the day at the park with our fun water sports that the whole family can enjoy! #familyday #lovelife #reconnect.” 

Try Something New

Overall, Fin and Feather H20 does not seem aware of the endless possibilities that can come about the use of more social media tactics, especially Twitter. With some simple guidelines, you never know where your business can take off! Don’t be afraid to make your company GREAT! #trysomethingnew

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Fin and Feather H2O: Successful with Internet Marketing?

ImageWith the warm weather lasting longer than usual, you would think the Fin and Feather H2O name would be more popular than it currently is. What’s the problem? Their “own” existence on the Internet. 

Facebook All the Way

According to an article by Avinash Kaushik, companies need to have both an “own” and “rent” existence online. Fin and Feather H2O does a great job with their “rent” existence with their presence of a successful Facebook page dedicated to their followers. The creators of this Facebook page do not simply “shout” at Facebook followers to use their products, but create a friendly and engaging page to answer questions, wishing people a happy holiday, and creating events that everyone can be involved in if interested. The most successful part of their Facebook page is the subliminal marketing through the advertisement of the new Terry Trueblood Recreational Area. Getting followers excited about this new place for activities is important to the success of their business due to the fact that Fin and Feather H2O is located there.

Nonexistent Website

Although their social media presence is sturdy with Facebook, their website has a ways to go to improve. They are currently solving for local maxima and satisfying one outcome instead of multiple global maxima outcomes. The only available website aims at their store and products of their store. A Facebook page is advertised on the home page for their store, but no social media sites are advertised for the specific Fin and Feather H2O. This is especially disappointing due to the heat wave we have been experiencing lately. On this site there is no information that pops out at users related to the Terry Trueblood Recreational Area and no advertisements specifically to their store branch of H2O gear. I can say without hesitation that if there were to be more marketing on their website, they would have had a better turnout this season at the Rec Area.

No Mobile Strategies Implemented

Although two users have checked in at Foursquare on mobile devices, no mobile strategies are integrated into their marketing strategy. With the use of SmartPhone technology, Fin and Feather H2O has a great opportunity to create a mobile app, and they are falling short. Although their website for their store is informational, there is too much information to easily navigate through on a mobile device. Making their information mobile friendly will create a stronger marketing strategy overall in this new technology-driven world.

Mediocre Digital Marketing

Overall, this company is in the right direction, but needs a solid digital marketing plan for the remainder of the season. If planned correctly, they are bound to be extremely successful in the next season of H2O sports and activities at Terry Trueblood Recreational Area.

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Welcome to Scattered Thoughts

Welcome to Scattered Thoughts, a blog designed to share my thoughts and ideas with those that are interested. This blog will be used to communicate different social media and marketing tactics, good and bad, being used by people and companies today.

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