Google Plus: Is It Worth Learning Yet Again Another Social Media Structure?

So when is the social media innovation ever going to end? Is Google Plus really worth learning about, is it a waste of time? Let’s take a look at what others are saying are the 5 reasons WHY you should create a Google Plus account, and why you should AVOID this new social media strategy.

Go For It

As another social media strategy, Google Plus has many users curious about the capabilities. So, why should you create a Google Plus account? Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It’s Google. If that isn’t enough said, think about it. When most people are searching for ANYTHING on the internet, they first turn to Google. If you are a prominent member and contributor to Google Plus, there is a good chance your search engine optimization will increase.

2. Relevant Content Segregation. Google Plus makes it easier to separate what you do and don’t want to see appear in your current news information. This way, your feed will be more beneficial, and you won’t be spending countless hours trying to find information that pertains to you.

3. Hangouts. What are hangouts? It’s an easy way to get a large group of people together on the Internet, similar to one-on-one Skype sessions, in order to communicate with employees in different locations, teach clients how to do something when you are not together in person, and for any general discussion.

4. Circles. Circles help a Google Plus user separate different groups of friends that you are connected with however you want-based on employees, customers, personal life…anything you choose. The best part? These circles are kept secret from those users, so nobody every needs to know.

5. Photo Gallery Implementation. What’s the point of the Internet without photos, right? The  sharing, editing, and uploading capabilities of the photo gallery on Google Plus are incredible…a definite “plus” for your company, right?

Stay Away!

With all those positives, why should you even consider avoiding Google Plus? Personally, I do not believe these reasons are strong enough to stay away, but lets look at the top 5 reasons why creating an account isn’t worth your time.

1. Your content might not be safe. Honestly, when is it ever truly safe?

2. There will always a new option. Why learn something that will grow old soon?

3. Dependability. You need more than this to market your business.

4. No effective archive.

5. Clunky Link Structure…nobody wants that!




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